Wills and Trusts

Do you have a Will? If not, like it or not, you have chosen the State of Florida to decide who will take care of your children and be their Guardian if you and your spouse pass away. The State will also decide who receives your assets. You do not want that, do you? Of course not! No one would want some unknown bureaucrat from the Department of Children and Families to be in charge of their children while the Probate Court makes the decision on who will take care of your kids. You also would not want the Judge, without any input from you, to decide who will take care of you kids and have custody of them. You also would not want to have the Probate Court decide how to distribute your assets without the Probate Court knowing what you want done with your assets.

In order to prevent the State from making these decisions for you, you must prepare a Will which states who will take care of your kids, and how you want your Estate to be divided after you pass on. Once you prepare a Will, then you, and not the State, decide who takes care of your kids and who receives the assets of your Estate. You can also tell the Court the persons who will never be given custody of your children or receive any of your assets. With a Will, you make the decisions on these vital issues and thereby prevent the Court from making them for you.

We will help you set up your Will or Trust correctly so that it can avoid any Will Contests or Trust Contests for fraud, undue influence, or other reasons. We will also work with you to make sure any and all special circumstances will be taken care of, such as Special Needs Trusts for certain beneficiaries, Life Estate Trusts, and other kinds of trusts depending upon what you want to do for your children and with your assets.

It is also important to update your Will when a significant life event occurs. These life events include, but are not limited to, getting remarried, having a child, adopting a child, buying a new home or buying, selling or starting a new business.

After you pass away, you will need to have your Will be admitted to Probate. We will help your loved ones prepare the Petition to Admit Will to Probate and Appoint Personal Representative. We will also help your loved ones administer your Estate of the Estate you are involved in. We will identify assets, locate beneficiaries, and distribute the assets of the Estate to the appropriate beneficiaries. We will also do anything else that is needed to carry out your vision for your children and your assets.

A final reason why you should have us help you in preparing your Will, is that we have experience with Will Contests and all types of other Probate matters involving Wills and Trusts. In fact, we have been involved in litigation and Probate Estates for over 29 years. The knowledge gained through these years of experience will be called upon to help you in having your wishes or the Testator’s wishes carried out as you or the Testator intended.